These brothers. What are we going to do with them? I am sure they will have days when they just want to beat on each other, but right now they are pretty cute together. They are each a unique soul but together I know they will do great things.



Happy Halloween!  Alyssa was Alice in Wonderland, Taft was a firefighter and Joel was a skeleton.  It was Taft's first time going around to each car at the Trunk or treat to collect candy.  He was very shy and uncharacteristically quiet but managed to walk around to each car and slowly held out his bag so that people could drop candy in it.  When offered the ability to pick a candy, he always just held his bag out.  His hands were full, bag in one hand and miniature crowbar in the other.  A firefighter isn't good for anything without a tool!  He did great, considering the huge welts on his head from tripping earlier today. Alyssa was perfectly cute as Alice.  She also enjoyed Octoberama today which is Matthew's Elementary School annual fair.  This morning she ironed the apron herself.


A View of Life From Erik's Phone: January 2017 - July 2017

This is the second post in our feature "A View of Life from _____ Phone". To give you a more complete picture of what we have been up to in 2017 from January to July. It starts here at the top in July and goes to January...with a few random pictures out of order! Read this in combination with our previous post and you will see what 2017 has been about thus far!

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Life is messy sometimes, but we have fun!

Anna and Ryan Jensen stopped in Vicksburg. We participated in Cow Appreciation Day! It probably took me longer to make the cows than cook dinner, but we had fun!

Taft loves my water bottle and the ice inside of it!

circa 2011

A typical 4th in the Archibald household would not be complete without patriotic pancakes!!

Taft loves the keyboard! He likes to turn on the prerecorded songs and rock out!

We went to a balloon festival in Ridgeland/Jackson area! They had lots of balloons set up for a light show.

This is what the clan does while I am trying to use all my mental energy to shop!

Taft and his spork!

Future wedding announcement picture! Hahahahaha...the placement of her hand kills me! We went to Baton Rouge to see Jacob (not pictured) be sealed to the Stephens! It was a wonderfully fun experience! We are so grateful for their friendship and example!

Sophie can be the maid of honor...

Another temple trip took these three to the old Louisiana State Capital.

More pictures from Louisiana.

Taft at work with Dad while Mom does violin lessons. Rock on!

A pretty river boat docked along the side of the river in Vicksburg with pretty girls from the Archibald family!

A memorial day parade!

Kleenex anyone?

A bird's nest in Erik's shoe!

Taft driving the truck! He loved loved loved the truck...more than Erik or I ever did!

More Baton Rouge, LA temple trip adventure pictures.

Erik's library that he took to the PE. He passed! He is officially a professional engineer!

Taft and Alyssa with Goldie, one of our little lady chickens.

We went to Jacob and Katie's wedding and this is us, the pretty ladies!!

Visiting BYU on said visit to Utah for Jacob's wedding.

Our one and only trip to New Orleans with the LeMontes and Lauren!

Alyssa feeding Taft his antibiotics, which he LOVED! He's kind of a medicine addict.

My birthday and the cake Alyssa and Erik made for me!

Erik...and his cake - ON FIRE! Just how he likes things.

A house that burned down during bishopric meeting that perhaps could have been saved if Isaac had noticed it when he drove by on the way to the church and called 911...but it was arson so the owners were probably glad it was BURNED!

A birthday present from my mom that Alyssa wrapped!

Don't we all wear heals while we ride our scooters to church?

Erik biking somewhere...maybe Utah?