3 months in to 2018

Happy Easter!

Plus some more love...

Major events and happenings:

:: We went to Dallas for spring break and saw the Stephens and the Jensens.
:: Our car flashed every warning light possible on the way home in the middle of no where. Thankfully we stopped near a rest stop that had no power for the first hour, were rescued by Nana and Papa, missed a huge hail storm because of the long wait at McDonalds, made it home with pretty happy kids all things considering, and saved $1000 or so when Erik decided to fix the high voltage battery in the Prius himself. 
Miracles still exist, my friends. I cannot doubt that God's hand was in all of that!
:: Spring has sprung and is turning quickly into summer. Each night below 68 F I give thanks for!
:: Joel has started taking naps longer than 45 minutes as of yesterday!
:: General Conference was lovely!
:: Taft says adorable things like, "Hey Wh-yssa, wookin' good!"
:: Alyssa is reading more and more everyday. She is very helpful and strives to make peace with Taft. She is insightful, sensitive, and sweet.
:: Joel is adorable. He's pretty quiet most of the time, though has started yelling on occasion. His skin reacts to peanut butter. He's happy and soft and beautiful!

Some more love...



These brothers. What are we going to do with them? I am sure they will have days when they just want to beat on each other, but right now they are pretty cute together. They are each a unique soul but together I know they will do great things.



Happy Halloween!  Alyssa was Alice in Wonderland, Taft was a firefighter and Joel was a skeleton.  It was Taft's first time going around to each car at the Trunk or treat to collect candy.  He was very shy and uncharacteristically quiet but managed to walk around to each car and slowly held out his bag so that people could drop candy in it.  When offered the ability to pick a candy, he always just held his bag out.  His hands were full, bag in one hand and miniature crowbar in the other.  A firefighter isn't good for anything without a tool!  He did great, considering the huge welts on his head from tripping earlier today. Alyssa was perfectly cute as Alice.  She also enjoyed Octoberama today which is Matthew's Elementary School annual fair.  This morning she ironed the apron herself.